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Christian Freak is a site for Christian thought for those who are not mainstream, but also for those in the mainstream that they may learn more about those of us who are different. Many subcultures have been marginalized, ignored, or even demonized by the Christian church. Here, you are welcome, geek and goth, nerd and cosplayer, gamer and punk.

1379930_10152370522351576_6066154332037900588_nThe Author

Stephen Weese has been a Christian and a freak almost his entire life. He was saved at the age of ten and started playing Dungeons and Dragons when he was twelve. In elementary school the gift of a Commodore 64 computer turned him into a geek. As he was studying Computer Science in college, he became an assistant to a pastor at a small Baptist church where he began ministry training. He has given sermons in churches and spoken at campus Christian groups and attended leadership conferences at a charismatic church. He is the author of the book, God Loves the Freaks, which deals with diversity and subcultures in the church, as well as unity and legalism. (more…)

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